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Hugh and Rowann Wilkersons are
Antiques in Old Town!

There are 4 parts to this About Us story. Rowann provides the creative energy. Hugh provides the mechanical expertise. The Building is the historical vessel and the Shop is where it all comes together to produce a trip back in time.

The theme played out over and over in Antiques in Old Town is that old things can become even more beautiful when repurposed, reuse of items in new ways is better than new things. Come and see for yourself.

Rowann Wilkerson

Rowan Wilkerson at the shop counter.

Rowann Wilkerson is the heart and soul of Antiques in Old Town. She draws strongly from her up bringing where you made do with what you had. In her case she used her creativity to go way beyond just “making do”. She was always inspired by the things in nature such as rocks, leaves and acorns. She incorporates these elements throughout the shop in her displays.

The Shop

The Shop is like a living, breathing entity. The displays change with the seasons. You forget there is a person, Rowann, behind the evolution.  There is a select group of women who have booths in the back lower level of the store.  There is a genuine feeling of shared creativity and imagination.

Deceptively large, the store front opens in the back to a voluminous room that extends the length of the building.

An additional space across the street in the Cofer building was recently add called Magpie Primitives.

A group shot of the ladies that have stalls in the shop.

The Building

Side view of Antiques in Old Town

You can’t understand Antiques in Old Town until you understand the building. Built in 1911, this building was original to this railroad town. It was among the few structures that survived the Great Fire of 1920. The town members extinguished the fire by passing buckets of water in what is now known as The Bucket Brigade.

Plumbing was added to the building in 2012 when Hugh and Rowann refurbished the upstairs into their new home after moving from the circa-1895 farmhouse now owned by Music on Main Street.

Hugh’s mother always had an antique shop. In the early 60’s his family purchased this building as a warehouse for the family business.

Hugh Wilkerson


Hugh modestly describes himself as the guy that pays the bills. In addition to assisting Rowann with displays, Hugh is the unofficial Lilburn historian.

Hugh serves on the Downtown Development Authority or DDA, a coalition of business leaders appointed by the City Council to assist with revitalization and redevelopment of the central business district as well as other areas of the City of Lilburn. He also is the Chairman of the Planning Commission.

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